Friday, January 26, 2007

An ouchie for LeBron

You'll see LeBron James wearing this uniform during the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas Feb. 18. As the leading vote-getter with more than 2.5 million, LeBron has the honor of showing what the EastErn Conference uniforms look like this year.

You won't see LeBron James wearing this uniform or any uniform tonight when the Cavs visit the Philadelphia 76ers for their big revenge match. That's because LeBron's big toe hurts.

He will play against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday, or say they say. Since the Suns are good (currently riding their second 15-game winning streak are the season), the Cavs will presumably need LeBron to avoid losing by 40. Of course, they WON'T need LeBron to avoid losing to the 76ers tonight. Right??

So don't worry, it's just a little thing, this big toe injury. All LeBron needs is a day of rest. Just like God. Or Atlas; he's tired from carrying this team like the weight of the world on his back. And we all know nothing like this ever turns into a long-term problem, not here in Cleveland.

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