Wednesday, March 28, 2007

C.C. to the DL? Tune in tomorrow

C.C. Sabathia -- not dead yet.

That qualifies as good news in Cleveland.

His wrist probably isn't even broken, either. But the Indians ace does have a swollen forearm and his status for Monday's season-opening start is now up in the air. And he is a Cleveland athlete. After all, Kellen Winslow's knee surgery this offseason has rumors floating around that his career is ove, even though Browns GM Phil Savage expects him back by training camp.

Like the old Batman televison shows, the Indians tell us to tune in tomorrow, same Tribe time, same Tribe channel, as C.C. will be re-evaluated then. Provided C.C. doesn't stand for Cursed Cleveland, everything will be OK and Sabathia will avoid the DL -- unlike the last two seasons.

But why break tradition?


SportsBoyTony said...

Many thanks for the link! We'd like to subject you to our rigorous linking process. Unfortunately, we haven't yet created an application yet for you to complete, so I guess we'll just add you.

Thanks again. And screw you and the other 10 guys for coming up with cleveland "curse" blogs before us.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the game go on? This is Cleveland. We're rugged and we have a great field.