Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Show us some Boobie!

So far in the NBA Finals, the Cavs have suffered from the same affliction that affects every single red-blooded American male -- and French male, and Italian male, and Argentinian male.

Not enough Boobie.

We need boobie in the morning, we need boobie in the afternoon, and we need boobie at night. We need boobie with breakfast, boobie with lunch, boobie with dinner, and boobie with dessert. ESPECIALLY with dessert. We need big portions of boobie, small portions of boobie, and medium-sized portions of boobie.

In short, we need boobie.

And so do the Cavs.

With Larry Hughes playing on a foot that's ready to fall off, the Cavs have no one to defend San Antonio point guard Tony Parker. (And who's every been defenseless against a Frenchman?) Not only has Tony Parker scored 59 points in the first two NBA Finals games, but Hughes has made just 1-of-10 shooting. Not exactly like Travis Hafner overcoming a poor glove with a hot bat.

So everyone's been clamoring for more Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, the Cavs rookie point guard. He's averaged 15½ points in the first two games while being part of the ensemble that has led a couple of Cavs fourth-quarter comebacks that fell short.

Hey, sounds good. The more Boobie the better. And the more boobie the better. We might just get it tonight (finally). Hughes says he's not going to start Game 3 against the Spurs. Must be a major bummer for him, first NBA Finals in front of the home crowd and he might not even be able to step on the court.

So Boobie we're going to get.

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