Thursday, March 02, 2006

A win that feels like a loss

You know that comet that didn't destroy the planet last night? The one that hurtled through space and was on collision course with 11.6 seconds left in the Cavs-Bulls game last night? Of course you don't! And you can thank God for that.

Anyone who turned the game off in the second quarter with the Cavs up 25 obviously doesn't live in Cleveland. Or doesn't believe in God. Anyone who lives in Cleveland or believes in God knows that a 25-point lead for a team that God hates is as safe as walking in the middle of I-77 at rush hour. And sure enough, there were the Bulls with a two-point lead in the waning seconds. For a moment it looked as if our only solace would be the Indians victory to open spring training.

But then the comet came flying through space. With Bruce Willis and his ragtag bunch of oil drillers nowhere to be found, God's attention was diverted. It took Him only 11.6 seconds to save Earth, but that was just enough time for Kirk Hinrich to miss a free throw, Lebron James to find Flip Murray behind the arc, and Flip to hit just his 18th 3-pointer of the season. Andrew Nociani then turned into a statue after the Bulls inbounded and the Cavs won, 92-91.

Unfortunately, there are only so many comets to go around.

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Anonymous said...

After five losses in a row, how does any win "feel like a loss"? That makes no sense.