Thursday, June 22, 2006

Indigestion from innings eater

Which is your favorite Cleveland sports phrase from the last 20 years:

* Diminished skills?
* Competing while rebuilding?
* Innings eater?

Well, our innings eater Jason Johnson is headed off to Boston to eat some innings for them, and presumably Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein will put him on a stricter diet. At least no one will hit any ground balls to Ben Broussard or Ronnie Belliard in Boston, so there is the possibility of a few more putouts.

Ironic that the sale of our "innings eater" comes the day after Vinny Testaverde's agent announced that the old-timer would be happy to play backup QB in Cleveland, more than a decade after he replaced Bernie Kosar's diminished skills as the Browns starter. And the day before Bernie sounded like a Sopranos extra in talking about divorcing his wife. Oh, and as long as Vinny doesn't have to play in training camp.

Meanwhile, the Tribe is neither rebuilding nor competing, they are simply losing and losing and losing. Apparently the stink of Jason Johnson's 52-86 lifetime record heading into this season rubbed off on the Indians, not the other way around. Now he's gone to Boston, the Tribe's gone to the cellar, and God's gone to bed, another day's work done good.


thatchick said...

That thing with Bernie was hysterical. Poor mis-guided S.O.B.

Jon said...

Definitely a little worried about Bernie after that interview. It's never a good thing to act irrationally while trying to claim you haven't been acting irrationally.

Swerb said...

Dude, whats with the pink? ;-)

And update your blog more often! Your stuff is priceless!

Anonymous said...

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