Thursday, May 17, 2007

You just keep telling yourself that

You tell yourself not to worry about the New Jersey Nets' victory over the Cavs in Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals. After all, only two of the previous 114 teams to lead an NBA series 3-1 and play Game 5 at home lost the series. The Nets have a better chance at beating gravity than beating the Cavs!

Then you tell yourself that Cleveland teams have a way of defying the odds. By losing Game 5, the Cavs have reduced their chances of winning the series by nearly 30%. Teams up 3-2 in an NBA series and playing Game 6 on the road are 50-20 all-time in winning the series, and just 42-28 (.600) in Game 6 itself.

You tell yourself not to worry, the Detroit Pistons lost Game 5 in the same situation, and no one's forecasting gloom and doom for them. Heck, they were up 3-0 in their series, a lead more secure than Florence ADMAX, the supermax prison in Colorado which houses the Unabomber and several al-Qaeda members .

Then you tell yourself that Carlos Boozer and the Utah Jazz had little trouble closing out the Golden State Warriors in their fifth game. And you throw up.

You tell yourself that LeBron James limping off the court at the end of the game was nothing, he was just worn out and had given up his body a moment earlier by diving for a loose ball on the sidelines.

Then you ask yourself just what the heck LeBron James was still doing in the game at that point since the outcome was already pretty much determined -- especially when his eight-months' pregnant girlfriend had been taken to the hospital on a stretcher at halftime?

You tell yourself you didn't expect the series to go less than six games anyway, by golly, this is where you expected it to be anyway!

Then you tell yourself that you live in Cleveland, and by golly you're going to forget that part of it when Game 6 rolls around.

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