Thursday, January 26, 2006

He's our Manny

So now Manny's the holdup to the massive Coco Crisp/Andy Marte/Jason Michaels et. al trade between the Indians, Red Sox, and Phillies. No not that Manny! THAT Manny, over there on the right. Don't recognize him? Well, it's Manny Delcarmen, relief pitching prospect for the Red Sox. He turns 24 next month, and he's only pitched nine big-league innings so far. But the holdup isn't that the Indians don't want him; they do. It's that the Red Sox don't want to give him up.

And the Sox have good reason to want to hold onto Delcarmen. He, Marte, and Kelly Shoppach are three of Boston's top 10 prospects according to most speculators. Delcarmen has 290 strikeouts in 278 minor league innings pitched. He showed a wild streak in his big-league time last year with seven walks, but still struck out nine. Delcarmen's definitely got a bright future.

Boy Genius Theo Epstein was quoted in the Boston Globe as saying, "There's plenty of time before Opening Day." Jack Bauer would tell Theo, "YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!" Coco Crisp is the centerfielder Boston covets. Spring training is right around the corner. The Indians will be happy to give him to you, as long as you let Mark Shapiro pillage the village. Mark Shapiro is your god, Theo, sacrifice to him.

The Plain Dealer says it's Manny or bust

Boston Globe begs Theo to punt


Joel said...

What is the sentiment now that this trade has gone through?

My buddies up there seem to be in the camp that Shapiro is simply spinning his wheels, in that these are his farm guys, and he's not even willing to pay them. If he's not going to pay guys he bred market value, who will he pay?

Anyway, looking forward to getting up there. Perhaps an meeting could be in order?

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