Wednesday, February 14, 2007

foiled again

Maybe Carlos Boozer thinks that by the time he finally does play against the Cavs, we will have all forgetten about his Benedict Arnold turn in signing with the Utah Jazz. After all, it's been 2½ seasons in Salt Lake City for the ex-Cavs forward, which is more time than he spent in Cleveland. Of course, thanks to injuries, he still has played less games with Utah (129) than with the Cavs (156).

Another of those injuries has sidelined Boozer for tonight's visit from the Cavaliers. It's the fifth time the Cavs have played Utah since Boozer, and the fifth time Boozer has missed the game with an injury. This time around it's a fractured leg bone keeping Boozer out of the game. He suffered the injury Jan. 27, and at the time speculation had Boozer out four-to-six weeks.

That ensured he was out for tonight's game. But guess where the Jazz will be exactly 4½ weeks from tonight, which will be seven weeks after Boozer suffered his injury?

That's right -- Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday, March 17. Also known as St. Patrick's Day.

You have to wonder if Boozer will be ready to be booed in that game. It will be the Jazz's fourth road game in five nights. If Boozer is just coming back from his injury, will Utah want to put him on the court that many times in five days, especially when the last game of the set will be in hostile territory? Oh, you can bet there will be boos -- Cleveland fans have memories like elephants. You think it's hard to get a pit bull to let something go once it's chomped down on it? Try ripping revenge out of a Cleveland fans' mouth. Fuhgetaboutit.

Just think about the atmosphere surrounding that game. St. Patrick's Day is a revered holiday in Cleveland -- Drunk Day, some call it -- and Saturday, March 17 will be the Cavs only game in a five-day span. How many drunken louts will be at The Q that night, screaming Boozer's name, whether he plays or not? And if Boozer does play, and maybe takes a tumble in the first half, how loud do you think the Q will get?

So don't worry about not getting to boo Boozer tonight. Save it up for next month. You'll finally get your chance on St. Patrick's Day.

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