Friday, February 16, 2007

If it ain't Foulke ...

Maybe when the Indians talked to reliever Keith Foulke about coming to Cleveland, they were actually talking to his bobblehead.

Mark Shapiro: "Keith, I know you had elbow problems last year. Is your elbow OK now?"
Keith Foulke bobblehead: Nods head yes.

MS: "Awesome. That's what I needed to hear. Now, you had surgery on your knee. Did they fix your knee?"
KFB: Nods head yes.

MS: "This is getting better and better. You've been a closer in the past, Keith. Can you still handle that ninth-inning pressure?"
KFB: Nods head yes.

MS: "I knew you would say yes! You've got that killer mentality, and look at that World Series trophy that comes along with it. How's that feel, that feel good?"
KFB: Nods head yes.

MS: "Great. OK, here's what we can do. I've got 5 million bucks here. You can have it if you pitch for us. Want it?"
KFB: Nods head yes.

MS: "Sign right here, Keith! You're now an Indian. Welcome aboard! Can I touch that World Series trophy?"
KFB: Stops nodding.

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