Saturday, April 28, 2007

All we wanted for Christmas
was two top draft picks

We finally got what we wanted for Christmas.

And then some.

Like Ralphie, we've been begging for our own version of a Red Rider BB gun for years -- an offensive lineman.

"Bring us an offensive lineman!" we've been shouting for years.

"You'll shoot your eye out!" they kept telling us.

Until now. Now we've got Joe Thomas, who most likely will be knocking a lot of eyes out of defensive linemen. And then we got ANOTHER top-three draft pick when the Browns traded next year's first-rounder and this year's second-rounder for Dallas' No. 22 pick and took Brady Quinn. A possible franchise quarterback. A guy from Columbus who wanted to play for the Browns. A guy who told Suzy Kolber on ESPN that "this is a childhood dream come true" right after hearing the news.
Joe Thomas AND Brady Quinn are Browns. Now can our childhood dreams come true?
Next someone will tell you that the Cavs are on the verge of sweeping a playoff series and the Indians are in first place after winning seven straight.
The Browns are destined to get an A+ for this draft. And that's before their final two picks of the day, which very well could include a running back (Arizona's Chris Henry?) and a defensive back. The decision to move up to get Quinn, even though it cost the Browns next year's first-rounder (making Dallas the latest city to root against Cleveland), is already getting rave reviews.
Really, has the rest of the league finally screwed up and allowed a Cleveland team to pull one over on them? The irony is that a Cleveland guy allowed the Browns to land Quinn. Miami's shocking choice of Glenville grad Ted Ginn Jr. knocked Quinn off the cliff.
Phil Savage finally reached out and grabbed Quinn. And now a beleaguered fanbase is hoping it's been saved as well.


Anonymous said...

We are all giddy over this first-round so far. But wait till next April, after we've gone 4-12 and would have a top-3 pick again. Except then the Cowboys will be using that pick.

Nashville G-man said...

I'm not a huge Quinn fan, but he looked way better at 22 than he did at 3. And the Browns picked him after first putting a wall on his left side. Joe Thomas is the real a Jonathan Ogden type who will not just protect the QB, but will run people over for his RBs. The Browns just picked up at least one more win than last year by drafting Thomas. And he didn't get eaten by a shark on that fishing boat!

Ben said...

what the hell happened? when did savage grow a pair?

Anonymous said...

a huge smoldering pair, I'd say for the author of this blog...I love it, your blog that is...being a lifelong Cleveland sports fan I come here often for therapy...counseling, that nature