Monday, October 08, 2007

Live blogging away!

(8:55 p.m) If the Indians were really any good, Casey Blake would have grabbed Shoppach and thrown him over the dugout to make the catch. Colossus and Wolverine could have done it.

(8:51 p.m.) At this rate, Byrd's going to last three innings even if he doesn't allow any more runs. Get Roger Wholestaff ready!

(8:41 p.m.) Paul Byrd is about five seconds away from throwing an ephus pitch, and 10 seconds away from taking a seat.

(8:31 p.m.) It's kind of like those Blue Diamond Growers -- two runs an inning, that's all we ask.

(8:30 p.m.) This game is starting to resemble Game 7 of the ALCS, when the Yanks folded in the first two innings. Johnny Damon smacked a grand slam to finish New York early in that one. Someone named Victor Martinez needs to go deep right here.

(8:25 p.m.) And it looks like someone told Mike Mussina it is still August. Feels like it anyway!

(8:22 p.m.) Apparently Joe Torre should have started Mike Mussina. Problem for Torre was (a) he's getting fired after this game and (b) he couldn't have thought he'd be getting the 1997 Mike Mussina instead of the 2007 Mike Mussina.

(8:16 p.m.) Bunting is great! Especially when you get hit by the pitch. The hand is not part of the bat, though baseball urban myth says it is. Joe Torre comes out to fix the mistake of Wang.

(8:05 p.m.) Kenny Lofton runs in from 1995 to make the catch and keep the Yankees scoreless after one.

(8:02 p.m.) Byrd comes with the heat to whiff A-Fraud. At this point, Torre might last longer in The Bronx than the Yankees' third baseman.

(7:58 p.m.) And here goes Paul Byrd. Is C.C. warming up in the bullpen?

Take that, shift!

AND THE CHEERING BEGINS DOWNTOWN!! Grady Sizemore shows up and Paul Byrd is thankful. Six more of those and we'll all feel good.

The difference between last night and the first two games, according to TBS's crew: offensive adjustments by the Yankees. Real reason: Jake Westbrook was pitching.

It's Wang's first career start on three days rest. Maybe Joe Torre is the dummy. No wonder Steinbrenner wants him fired!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the live blogging? "Announcer: (The NL teams) have a lot of players nobody knows anything about, kind of like this Indians Team"...we need your snarky comments, c'mon!

Todd said...

Mike - - did you pass out at 9:00 pm????

Mike said...

Very sad -- the wireless connection at my favorite downtown establishment conked out!

Anonymous said...

The Tribe beat the "Evil Empire"...unlike my prediction a few weeks back. Cavs made it to the NBA Finals. Browns look to be turning the corner and will make hay once the Mighty Quinn gets behind Center!

Hey Mike...Maybe God is starting to "like" Cleveland Sports...????

kerplunk said...

dream on..........

Anonymous said...

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