Monday, October 22, 2007

This WAS your ticket


Thaddeus said...

How can I type crying here?

As bad as I feel for the team and fans, I feel worse for our city. Lord know we could use the income the games would have generated.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland blows. This town will never will a damn thing. I hate being from here.

Maybe you should change the name of this blog from God Hates Cleveland Sports to God Hates Cleveland, Period. I haven't found anything about this city, sports or otherwise, that is a viable answer to the question, "How would the world be worse off if Cleveland didn't exist?"

This city is useless. The failures of our sports teams are just the most dramatic example of what a cesspool we live in.

John said...

Brother, I was root root rooting for the Indians. Not because I'm from Cleveland or even like the Indians but because I hate the Boston Red Sox so much.

Once the tribe lost Game 5 I knew the series was over. I was pissed. Last night I was such a bundle of nerves/anger/pissed off and I can only imagine how Tribe fans must have felt.

I like your blog though. Good stuff :)

Anyway I went ahead and added you to my blogroll over at
I'd say wait till next year or something but I've had the Indians as my World Series pick the last two seasons and frankly I dont think I'll make that mistake again!

best wishes,

Todd said...

Man, I can't imagine the traffic increase your site has had over the past 24 hours...

Bitter Clevelander said...

I wish I could understand why I get suckered into hoping and believing every time only to watch my teams fall short in the most heartbreaking, humiliating fashion imaginable. The image of the WS ticket almost made me cry. Wait 'til next year, again.

Anonymous said...

You have been producing one of the most fascinating blog sites I have
ever seen.

Since you have not made an entry since the demise of the Indians, I can infer that you are greatly depressed, as you and I both are.

But pick yourself off the mat and realize you, with your passion for Cleveland pro sports, are going to be defeated again and again.

You and I are like the cartoon Wiley Coyote. Something will always blow up in our face.

And once you really accept that God hates Cleveland sports, then you can live with our fate.

Don't lose hope. Our teams will lose again, and again, and again,
for all of our natural lives.

Once you accept the futility of it all, you can watch the debacle unfolding and get whatever satisfaction you can glean from it.

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Anonymous said...


plus, give me more beer!

damn the man

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Kevin said...

Dude, I know what you mean because I cheered for Cleveland Sports forever. I hate the word choke! It always comes up in Cleveland Sports. Also can you link my site to your web. My site is

I think god is living over Pittsburgh and the dvil is living over cleveland

Kevin ( said...

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Veronica said...

Man, did you jump off one of those bridges last fall? Where have you been?

Cheer up. The Browns finally made some sensible moves this off-season. As a diehard Steelers fan, I'm looking forward to competitive games this year--for a change.

Hang in there, and come back!

Anonymous said...

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ramenforbreakfast said...

Does someone want to make a blog called ????

Then when he leaves....

nick said...

some great [but heart-wrenching] posts here! Where have you been the last year? Too depressed to write about the Cavs losing game 7 to Boston (was it de ja vu or what?), or too depressed to write about how sucky the Indians started '08, only to finally pull it together in the second half but way too late? Or perhaps how the Browns went from playoff potential to going 6 games w/o an offensive touchdown??

An avid Cleveland sports fan myself, I wish you would keep writing...

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