Friday, October 05, 2007

Yankees, go home

Awwwwww, poor Yankees. And poor Yankee fans. They might just not add to their 26 World Series championships this season.

This would be terrible for the Yankees! After all, can you imagine making the playoffs 13 straight seasons, and only having five World Series titles to show for it? And none since 2001? TRAGIC

Poor Derek Jeter. The Yankees have made the playoffs every year of his career. But he hasn't won the World Series every year of his career! Something's obviously wrong here.

And can you imagine the stress poor old Joe Torre is under? He might actually be fired for not winning every game by 10 runs. He even used some guys named Ross Ohlendorf and Jose Veras who weren't even in the postseason media guide. What is he thinking? Guy had a losing record until George Steinbrenner put him in charge of the team with the highest payroll in baseball; he must have reverted back to his losing ways using those two nobodies.

Alex Rodriguez is probably ready to pack his bags, too. The guy hits 54 home runs, and then the Indians walk him almost every time. Ten million New Yorkers probably booed their TV sets every time he headed to first base, they are so ungrateful.

Maybe Jason Giambi should go back on the juice so he can get a hit or two -- or even get into the starting lineup. Or maybe Jorge Posada should stop swinging at crappy 3-0 pitches; hey, Jorge, what happened to Yankee patience at the plate when you had the chance to walk in the tying run? Or maybe the Yankees starting pitcher should do something that doesn't get him nicknamed Chien-Mien Gong.

Yeah, it's so sad that the Yankees got their butts handed to them by the Indians. They were so bad in Game 1 of the ALDS they even embarrased our biggest star, LeBron James.

Because right now it looks like the NY on that cap is just the beginning and end of one short sentence -- "No waY".

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Anonymous said...

For those of us Tribe fans currently "behind enemy lines", those newspaper headlines/covers were quite a nice way to start the day.