Thursday, July 27, 2006

A knee to the stomach

Cleveland now has its own Kennedy assassination tape. The grainy, hard-to-see video of LeCharles Bentley's career ending has now made it to all the local news station web sites. There's Charlie Frye calling the plays. Then there's a mass of bodies. Then there's Romeo Crennell blowing his whistle. And then there's one player not getting up. That's LeCharles, and he's not getting up because his patella tendon has been sliced in two.

But even with the miracles of modern technology no one can tell just who rolled over LeCharles and ruined the Browns season. Two guesses?

First, Kellen Winslow. Wouldn't it just be perfect if after spending the last two years on the injured list himself, Winslow returned to the Browns as the prodigal son and savior and then knocked out their top free-agent signing? Winslow better hope no one cleans up this grainy image, because if we see him on top of LeCharles, we might just not forgive him this time.

Second guess? God. And God doesn't even need to roll His body over top of LeCharles; He can just point his finger like a gun and say, "Bang." Especially if he's aiming for Cleveland.


tonym said...

Props to you Mike for getting the shout-out from Tom Reed in today's Beacon Journal. And I think it's fair to say now that God, indeed, hates Cleveland sports.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland sports fans are 90% scar tissue. We ain't giving up anytime soon.
Bill M Brownsburg, Indiana 46112