Monday, April 17, 2006

Masochists line up
for playoff tickets

If yesterday was a playoff preview, the Cavs might as well wait another seven years before they make the postseason.

The Cavs' 104-92 loss to the Washington Wizards yesterday could be explained away by the fact that the Cavs rested their starters for the fourth quarter. Except that the starters found themselves in a 26-point hole before the fourth quarter ever began. And except that Washington won three out of four against the Cavs this season by similar scores. And except that of all the Cavs' potential first-round playoff foes, the Wizards have given the Cavs the most trouble.

Really though, Wizards @ Cavs for the first round of the playoffs isn't something that only Nostradamus could predict. Washington has had little trouble with the Cavs during the LeBron era, winning seven of 11 matchups since King James entered the league. With the Wizards staring the Cavs in the face for the first round and a match with the league-best Detroit Pistons looming in the second round, the Cavs playoff trail is now looking tougher than a burnt steak.

So, masochists of Cleveland, queue up for your playoff tickets today. We don't know when the game is yet, and we don't know who it will be against yet. But we do know that God hates Cleveland sports, especially in the playoffs. Be prepared.

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