Friday, April 07, 2006

Optimism, rains

Like your mother used to tell you, that rain is God's tears. But today they aren't his tears of sadness. No, God is quite happy today, and his happiness is about to drown out the Indians home opener.

Why would God be crying from tears of joy after the Cavs recent nine-game winning streak and the Indians started the season winning two out of three from the World Series champions? Well, that's exactly why -- because optimism reigns in Cleveland right now. And when optimism reigns, God's tears of laughter turn into actual rain.

What better way to remind us that we live in Cleveland than to send the rain pouring down on the day of our home opener? As they say, it's Cleveland's national holiday. We've got Mike & Mike's ESPN Radio morning show broadcasting live from Pickwick & Frolic downtown today. We've FINALLY got a one-run win against the White Sox under our belts. And now we've got a giant rain cloud over the city.

Weather forecasts say the rain, rain will go away just in time for the Tribe to play. By then, our soggy fans will just be happy to see some baseball. And when the Tribe's new acquisition Paul Byrd takes the loss, making God laugh some more, the rain will fall again and everyone will go home doubly soaked.

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