Monday, September 10, 2007

Eulogies for the Browns

The Indians are back in front of the AL Central by seven games, the Tigers are effectively neutered by the end of Jeremy Bonderman's season, but no one would know it because of all the hand-wringing over the hapless Browns.

There's Bill Livingston, who's head is spinning from the Browns quarterback carousel. There's Terry Pluto, who has to look really, really hard -- like through the Hubble Telescope -- to find signs of anything remotely good about this Browns game. Then there's these poor suckers, who spent upwards of $1,500 to watch this priceless performance. And Bob Finnan throws the first spadeful of dirt on Charlie Frye's grave.

Yahoo's James C. Black says Romeo Crennel is close to being Butch Davised, while the Browns get the only team showing on's Studs & Duds (and it's not hard to guess which side they fall into).

In Pittsburgh, Gene Collier says the Steelers used the Browns as a big old punching bag -- and we would know, as we felt it right in the gut while Bob Smizik wonders if the Steelers are that good or the Browns that bad. (Bob, do you really have to ask?)

Maybe what your mother said is true -- if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all.

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