Saturday, September 08, 2007

Guilty as charged
-- for a minute

Terry Pluto made God Hates Cleveland Sports feel guilty.

Not for taking the summer off! Heck, no!

No, Terry Pluto wrote that familiar refrain when our teams are doing well: Quit yer crying!! Our Indians are in first place and they've just about got the division wrapped up. Yet still, says Pluto, "Hands wring, teeth gnash, violins weep."

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... you talking to me?

Sure, there's been no lack of hands wringing, no shortage of teeth gnashing, and no lack of violins weeping here at GHCS. Well, except for the last three months. But the Steelers are in town, so lets start again!

Or maybe not. Maybe Terry Pluto is right. Maybe we should just sit back, and if winning is inevitable, just relax and enjoy it. Let's put on our #46 Doug Jones uniform, sit in the bleachers, and gulp down some dollar hot dogs. Let's call in to Bruce Drennan and Schwabby and praise Casey Blake's ability to be as average as can be. Let's send our name into the Indians' playoff ticket lottery and make plans for as many October nights as we can. After all, this is Cleveland Indians baseball we're talking about.

Terry Pluto made us feel guilty and we were on the verge of doing all that ...

... except ...

... except that just a few hours later Browns cornerback Leigh Bodden was arrested at the airport.

... except that just a few days later that seven-game Indians lead was down to five games and the Detroit Tigers were showing signs of life with a four-game winning streak.

... except that the Pittsburgh Steelers are in town, and Joshua Cribbs was predicting a Browns victory. (Here's a secret -- he's the only one.)

Yeah, we felt guilty for a few hours, because after all we DO have a first-place team on our hands. And we are riding high after the Cavs appearance in the NBA Finals just a few months ago. And we did get Brady Quinn AND Joe Thomas in the NFL draft.

But then Leigh Bodden reminded us -- you don't live in Cincinnati, you live in Cleveland!

And then we were just guilty for taking a summer vacation.


Anonymous said...

Get real. The slide, the choke, the failure to make the playoffs is inevitable. When will you learn! God hates Cleveland sports
team. Watch the five game lead evaporate and the excuses forthcoming.

Anonymous said...


Welcome back - - the summer wasn't the same without GHCS updates!

Anonymous said...

whats this god hates cleveland sports crap.We just suck.Anyone who thinks praying(the most shallow jesture any human being can make,do something, stop praying)will help this team or any tough situation needs to deal with reality.We suck again.As we have the last 9 years.The only thing that will help this team is stop paying big money to watch crap and mabye the owner would put a winner on the field.Lets please not be the cubs.Sellout everygame,suck every year,owner profits huge,