Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The morning roundup

And you thought the Browns were providing plenty of material before they brought Ken Dorsey back into town. The Plain Dealer provided the headline that will sum up the Browns season even though there's 15 more games to play: What Are They Doing Now? The only thing missing was three more question marks. Ken Dorsey to the rescue!

Now rumors abound that Charlie Frye will be released. ProFootballTalk.com is the only place putting the kibosh on that one. The site also says Dorsey actually LIVES in Berea. Poor guy.

Still, the Browns have plenty of other unanswered questions, like exactly who is going to start Sunday's game, says Marla Ridenour. And who will be cut if Dorsey rejoins the team. And, as Patrick McManamon wonders, why is the defense so lousy?

Bud Shaw says the Browns owe their fans, especially the guy who has spent 11 grand watching them suck for the past few years.

Only in Cleveland could a horrible football team lose a game horrible to the team that always treats it like an ant at a picnic and have it overshadow a first-place baseball team. The Tribe won once again, enduring a near 2½-hour rain delay to beat the White Sox 6-2 in a game that ended after Monday Night Football. Their magic number is now 14.

Despite all this, it's nothing compared to what would have been on GHCS had the Internet been around 25 years ago. We're reminded of that with the passing of Ted Stepien, former Cavs owner, to whom Bob Dolgan and Bob Finnan pay tribute today.

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