Sunday, September 09, 2007

Your morning reading

* A Cy Young contender keeps our team in first place. Yes, this is about a Cleveland team.

* God hates Cleveland tailgaiters.

* Mary Kay Cabot thinks the Browns might actually be able to score. Some points.

* Phil Savage tells Terry Pluto this is your Browns team for the next three to five years. Gulp.

* Bill Livingston fires up the "Brady! Brady! Brady!" bandwagon.

* Tony Grossi ranks the Browns front office right around where most people rank the Browns. Hey, Tony, how long before you get mad this season?

* The only Romeo Crennel watch is the one on the coach's wrist, if you believe what Phil Savage is selling Bud Shaw.

* The Steelers have won seven in a row and 13 of 14, 14 of 17 since the Browns returned in 1999, seven of eight in Cleveland, and their last four openers, but Charlie Frye still likes the Browns chances.

* The Akron Beacon Journal really has nothing to say, other than Joe Jurevicius smells hot dogs and beer when he goes to the game.

* No worries -- Jeff Schudel points out that the Browns have beaten the Steelers' new coach in their first try every time! Too bad the last time they did it, none of the cast of High School Musical 2 was out of diapers.

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