Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Want Frye with that?

In what has quickly become the biggest disaster in Cleveland sports since Art Modell boarded a plane on a Baltimore tarmac, the Browns are working on trading Charlie Frye -- or just flat out cutting him.

Callers to WKNR suggested trading him to IHOP for a $20 gift certificate, or to Tyson Chicken so he could run the assembly line.

Now, while this isn't Bill Belichick releasing fan favorite Bernie Kosar for "diminished skills", it's certainly another black mark on a once-proud franchise. A quarter and a half against your arch-rival was all you needed to see to know that Charlie Frye couldn't get it done? The 18 other games Charlie started in his career didn't give you enough evidence? If Browns brass didn't think poorly enough of Charlie Frye to dump him in the offseason, why in the world do it now when every other team has seen that he still sucks? And while most fans will miss Charlie as much as they miss a cold, the fact remains that this is to whom the Browns decided to hitch their wagon.

Rumors abound that Charlie could go to the New York Giants, who may or may not be in the market for a quarterback thanks to Eli Manning's shoulder injury. And then there's that team in Atlanta, whose former quarterback specialized in killing dogs (not Dawgs). Perhaps that is Charlie's new destination.

If neither of those works out, the Browns will flat out cut their starting quarterback.

In any case, this is a colossol blunder that should cost the entire Browns front office and coaching staff their jobs. They've taken the most important position on the team and turned it into a joke. Obviously Phil Savage wasn't smart enough from the beginning to realize that his team couldn't win with Charlie Frye. And having Frye (and stiff backup Derek Anderson) forced on him has made Romeo Crennel look like he's constantly constipated.

You can bet they're celebrating in Dallas, where the odds of hearing, "With the first pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys select Darren McFadden, running back, Arkansas" just got that much better.

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Anonymous said...

" And having Frye (and stiff backup Derek Anderson) forced on him has made Romeo Crennel look like he's constantly constipated."

1. Looks like Derek Anderson turned out ok...

2. Of course Romeo Crennel looks constipated, he is! You would be too if you hadn't brought the Browns to the Super Bowl in 2 1/2 years!