Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Cleveland Collapse©

So now we're booing Lebron James, getting crushed by the Pistons on national TV, and staring at a four-game Cavs losing streak what with Detroit coming to town for a rematch tomorrow night.

Don't act surprised. It's the inevitable Cleveland Collapse©, brought to you by the Cavs last season and duplicated by the Indians at the end of the baseball season. The Browns would collapse, too, if they were good enough.

Indians GM Mark Shapiro said it best in Bill Livingston's column in today's Plain Dealer:

"We have an emotionally traumatized fan base. It's nothing that happened recently. It was when they went 40 years before winning. So now, they think:
'Oh, goodness! We're not going to win again for 40 years.'"

That's right, Mark, we're not! Not as long as God hates us, at least.

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