Monday, February 20, 2006

The Moses
of Cleveland

Lebron James won the NBA All-Star Game MVP yesterday, which immediately became one of the top five Cleveland sports moments of the 21st century.

There hasn't been much to cheer for in Cleveland since two seconds before Dennis Northcutt dropped Kelly Holcomb's third-down pass in the playoff choke, errrrr, loss to the Steelers four years ago. None of our teams has won more games than it has lost since then. Even the James-era Cavs are 108-108 since he joined them. The Indians have had just one winning season out of the last four and the Browns -- well, let's just say that God's been keeping a close eye on the Browns thesese last few years.

Hmmmm, sounds like Lebron's All-Star trophy just moved up the 21st century list. Like to second, right behind the Cavs drafting Lebron. And right before Lebron's runner-up performance in Saturday's All-Star skills contest.

No question Lebron's our greatest hope, and when he held that MVP trophy over his head like Moses displaying the Ten Commandments, he looked like someone who might very well lead us to the promised land. After all, he had just parted the red sea of Western Conference jerseys to the tune of 29 points, helping the East overcome a 21-point deficit in a 122-120 victory.

Maybe someday, when God stops hating us, that will be the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy Lebron's holding. Let's just hope it doesn't take 40 more years of wandering through the sports desert to get there. Cuz Lebron would be really old and probably not very good by then.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Lebron is that he is largely ignorant. The kid is a narcissist as evidenced by his play in the All Star game. He needs to take a chill pill.

He truly needs higher education.
It is embarrassing to hear him speak. He is boring.

Mike said...

Of course, this comment posted by someone who is too big of a pussie to call himself anything other than Anonymous.