Saturday, February 11, 2006

Giving us the finger

This is how it was supposed to look for quite awhile, Lebron James leading the charge with Larry Hughes as his right-hand man. A new Batman and Robin, a modern day Green Hornet and Kato, or even a new millenium Jordan and Pippen, if you dare. Then 28 games in, Hughes went under the knife because of a finger injury.

Now word comes down via today's Plain Dealer that, "The Cavs are seeking answers to why the finger is not healing as anticipated." Wow, what a mystery. Where's Detective Robert Goren when you need him? Let me explain "why the finger is not healing as anticipated." IT'S BECAUSE HUGHES PLAYS IN FREAKING CLEVELAND!!

The real question is why an article with phrases such as, "when or if Hughes will return this season" and, "options could range from Hughes returning in eight weeks after his surgery on Jan. 6 - early March - or miss the entire regular season, or miss the rest of the season, or have another surgery" and, "'The healing process is not where I wanted it to be,' said Hughes," wasn't written the day Hughes went under the knife. Because everyone knew that a lost season was the only possible outcome to this news.

Really, this article should have been written last summer when the Cavs signed Hughes. Here's what the headline should have been:

Cavs sign free agent Hughes
Plan is for former Wizard to hurt himself, derail season

Seriously, did you need to be God to see this coming? Omniscience is not a requirement to predict the future for Cleveland sports. Pessimism and a broken spirit are all you need. We're a Magic 8-Ball with all the good fortunes removed. "Ask again later" is about as optimistic an answer as we can ever expect.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, there are millions of people dying in Africa of starvation and disease, but God is spending his time and energy making Cleveland sports as bad as he possibly can.

God doesn't give a rat's ass about sports, is my guess.

Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

The rule -- Anonymous cannot post!