Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Use the forced shot, Luke!

Luke Jackson went out and hurt himself against Philly Saturday night, but nobody cares. He'll miss about two months, but won't be missed. That's because Luke has scored but 120 points in his NBA career, or about what Lebron gets in a good week.

Of course, Jackson is just the latest failure in the long, fruitless search for a Steve Kerr-like 3-point shooter, a search that has gone on since, oh, Steve Kerr was here 13 years ago. Someone will probably find the Holy Grail before the Cavs find a 3-point shooter. Like cigarette smoke in a bar, there's some kind of Cleveland stink that attaches itself to every Tonto wh's come to town to support Lebron's Lone Ranger:

2004-05: Lucious Harris .323 3-point percentage/.348 career
2004-05: Jiri Welsch .182 3-point percentage/.350 career
2005-06: Donyell Marshall .312 3-point percentage/.349 career
2005-06: Damon Jones .355 3-point percentage/.384 career

As a team, the Cavs have made 33.4 percent of their 3-point shots this year. That ranks 25th out of 30 teams. Their opponents are hitting 36.4 percent of theirs, which ranks 11th in the league.

Obviously, God prefers post play. At least in Cleveland.

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