Saturday, February 25, 2006

Flip response

No one's buying a Cadillac with spare change found under the couch cushions, which the Cavs learned last night. In his first game with the Cavs since coming over from Seattle for the nickels and dimes on the end of the Cavs' bench, Ronald "Flip" Murray scored an Eric Snow-like four points in 24 minutes, saw his team lose 102-94 to Washington, and heard the home fans boo Lebron James.

Anyone surprised? Welcome to Cleveland, Flip!

The Cavs have been spinning a hamster wheel in pursuit of a 3-point shooter ever since they blew up the team and ejected all their 3-point shooters before the 2002-03 season in a successful attempt to suck enough to draft Lebron. The Cavs were fifth in the league in 3-point shooting in 2001-02. But in a bit of divine retribution, the Cavs have been in the bottom four in 3-point shooting every season since. Which leads to the addition of Murray, who comes to the team for Mike Wilks, who played as often as Cleveland wins a championship. But he's a shooter who can't shoot (sub-30% from 3-point land during his career). And though he averaged 9.9 points per game this year for the Sonics, he scored less than that 14 out of his last 18 games.

It all must be some part of a master plan. Or perhaps a Master's plan.

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