Monday, February 20, 2006

Interleague design

Most people think that Barry Bonds has never hit a home run against the Indians because he has played his entire career in the National League. You might think that -- if you didn't live in Cleveland. But since Barry Bonds has managed to hit at least one home run against every OTHER team in baseball save the Red Sox and Devil Rays, you start thinking there's something else at work here.

Like God is going to let fans of any team named after the devil watch one of baseball's greatest players at work. Like God is going to let whiny Red Sox fans enjoy Bonds' feats. And like God is going to let Cleveland fans enjoy watching history that doesn't involve giving them a heart attack.

And now Bonds decides he's going to retire after this season. Or maybe after next season. Either way, the Giants are already done playing the Indians. The teams played their three games last year, with Bonds conveniently sitting out due to a "knee injury". Is that what God's calling it these days?

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