Monday, February 13, 2006

We aren't
the champions

When the San Antonio Spurs visit The Q tonight, the Cavs will find out just how close they are to being NBA champions. To quote God, it's "not very."

These two last matched up in the second game of the season, with the Spurs winning 102-76. And that was when Larry Hughes actually played. Before that, the Spurs won by two in Cleveland last February -- hey, the Cavs covered the spread -- by 19 in December of '04 and by 18 in March of '04.

Going back to an 89-87 Cavs win in February of '04, the Cavs are 1-4 against the Spurs in the Lebron era. Since the 1999-'00 season, the Spurs have won 10 of 13 against the Cavs with the average margin of victory 16.3 points. Oh, and the Spurs have won three NBA titles during that time while the Cavs have played zero playoff games.

However bad it gets at The Q tonight, do not do what Nathan Mallett did the last time a championship team came to town. Remember the end of that 41-0 Steelers victory in December? After his 20th beer of the day, Mallett ran on the field and was promptly body-slammed by Steeler linebacker James Harrison. Then he was hauled off to jail. So lay off the beer and stay off the court, or God might just strike you down himself tonight.

And then he'll let the Spurs win by 41.

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scott bakalar said...

Great Blog!

this site sums up my entire Cleveland sports life. It's like you've been reading my mail...

Listening in to my phone conversations...

Using microwaves to read my thoughts.....


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